Lorimer Macandrew is a photographer/videographer based in Edinburgh. He specialises in events, live music, theatre, portraits, and travel photography.

Portrait and Fashion

Portrait and Fashion Photography

Kickstarting a fashion brand? Selling your home-made clothes on Etsy? Running a successful lifestyle-clothing blog like Yasser? Leaving school? Graduating from university? Showcasing your employees on your website? LinkedIn profile pictures? Creating a family album? 

For any of these, or even if you're just refreshing your Instagram, I can help you out.

I charge £100 for one hour of shooting. You pick the location, the look, and afterwards you'll choose around 10-12 shots you'd like edited. Once they're done, they'll be sent to you to use however and wherever you like.


yasser yaya-oye

I was asked by established blogger @itsnotyasser (grandgarcon.wordpress.comwhether I could spend an afternoon doing some portrait work for him. This was my first foray into portrait photography, but I was very happy with the shots we managed to achieve together. I'm looking forward to working with Yasser again, and to doing more portrait work in the near future.

If you are looking for portrait photography, I'd be thrilled to shoot with you! Take a look here.